Honeywell's John Todd (right) and Comp Air's Ron Lueck sign the engine deal.

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Honeywell double celebration

Engine to avionics manufacturer Honeywell (booth 2201) celebrated on both sides of the house today. At its booth this morning the company signed an agreement to supply the engines for the Florida-based Comp Air 12 single-engioned turboprop.


The Honeywell TPE331-14GR, 1,500hp (1,120kW) engine was selected for the aircraft, which is aimed at going head to head with the Pilatus PC-12(see story P15).

The company also announced it has received Technical Standard Order approval (TSO) for the upgrades of its GNS-XLS enhanced flight management system to meet changing navigation needs across North America and Europe.


With a built-in GPS receiver, the GNS-XLS provides en route, terminal and non-preci­sion approach navigation capability, supported by the ability to integrate position data from a full range of other navigation sensors, ensuring navigation availability, accuracy and reliability.

The upgrades, which are compliant with current Federal Aviation Administration and Eurocontrol technical guidance aircraft requirements, include precision area naviga­tion (PRNAV) compliance to allow certification under Eurocontrol's technical guidance leaflet TGL 10.


PRNAV is quickly becoming a require­ment throughout Europe as access to airspace for non-compliant aircraft becomes more restrictive.


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