July-Aug 2008 On The Radar
By The Editors

Comp Air Announces Two New Aircraft
Comp Air, known for its large kit aircraft and its very large, destined-for-certification Model 12, announced two new machines at Sun ’n Fun 2008.

The cantilever high-wing, fixed-gear, 7,200-pound MTOW, six-place Comp Air 9 will cruise at 240 knots and is designed for short- and soft-field operations. According to Comp Air President Ron Lueck, who’s also the aircraft designer, it will “go anywhere a C-206 will go, but faster.” Its versatility is evident with three doors (two in front), a 3,400-pound useful load and a range of up to 2,200 nm from a 1,000 shp Honeywell turboprop.

With a gross weight of 7,500 pounds, the Comp Air 11 has essentially the same fuselage as the Comp Air 9, but it’s a low-wing retractable that should go 120 knots faster on its 1,650 shp. “It’s an ego thing,” Lueck commented. “It’s bigger than a VLJ and as fast, and we can use shorter runways than the jets.”

Both machines feature full-carbon construction and are designed to be pressurized. At this writing, the 9 is slated to fly at Oshkosh in July; the 11, about six months later. Both kits are expected to start at around $250,000. Visit www.compairaviation.com.


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