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Comp Air Aviation Promotion Press Release
Comp Air Announces

Fuel Vouchers With Purchase of Aircraft
CA9 Press Announcement
Merritt Island, Florida - April 3, 2009 - During these tough economic times, there are two things that are true; - You would like to buy a new aircraft, and we would love to sell you one.
To help make that statement become a reality, we are offering a pre-paid Visa Card - worth up to $50,000 - when you purchase one of our aircraft between April 15, 2009 and August 15, 2009.
During the promotion if you purchase a Comp Air 12 we will give you a pre-paid Visa card in the amount of $50,000.00 to use for fuel (or as you see fit.) Likewise, if you purchase a Comp Air 9 or Comp Air 11 you will receive a card in the amount of $40,000.00.
Both the Comp Air 9 and the Comp Air 12 will be on display at this year's Sun 'n Fun, April 21-26, 2009 in Lakeland, Florida.
But wait, there's more; if you purchase a Comp Air 12, 11 or 9 during this year's Sun 'n Fun show you will receive an additional $5,000 added to the pre-paid Visa Card!!
We are also offering pre-paid Visa cards on the other aircraft in our fleet: $25,000 on the Comp Air 10, 8, and 7 models, and $15,000 on the Comp Air 4 and 6. A purchase of any of these during Sun 'n Fun will net you an additional $3,000.00 on the card!!

 All our aircraft can be seen on our websites www.compairinc.com and www.compairaviation.com
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About Comp Air
Comp Air is a well established, market leader in the design, development and production (in completed and kit forms) of experimental certified piston and turbine powered composite utility and private business aircraft. To date, they have in their 17-years of operation, produced nine different models and delivered over 400 aircraft kits and partially assembled aircraft. These aircraft have flown an estimated total of 250,000 flight hours. they have achieved high customer satisfaction ratings in their market segments through a combination of on-target aircraft model performance, on-time delivery, good value, and leading reliability and serviceability.
While their principal product focus has been aircraft that are manufactured and supplied as kits for their broad customer base to complete and certify as experimental category aircraft, Comp Air is now well positioned to move forward with the detail design and execution of FAA certified production aircraft.
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Comp Air Aviation
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Comp Air Aviation
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