The CompWing

 Let your floatplane work harder for you. The float wing is designed to give you extra useful load, freeing up 90% of the float exchange weight. This allows you to carry extra passengers, extra baggage, or extra fuel, which will pay off in dividends over time.

*Patent Pending 

Compwing specs:

  • C206: Additional wing area: 33.75 sq.ft.
  • C206: 550lb increased usefull load.

  • C208: Additional wing area: 50 sq.ft.
  • C208: Increased useful load coming soon

  • Inquire with us about options available for experimental aircraft

  • Increased useful load: 90% of float exchange wgt.
  • Reduced takeoff roll, up to 25%
  • Extra storage/fuel option
  • Composite construction
  • No corrosion issues
  • Add-on kit for experimental aircraft
  • STC add-on for certified aircraft (Coming Soon)
  • Additional models coming soon
  • *Patent Pending

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