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Experience the Comp Air 12

With all the cramped, light jet and turboprops, either in or just entering the market, isn’t it refreshing to know that there is a new, no compromise star about to enter the game, offering a stylish, 8+2 standup cabin, with an enclosed lav, that will cruise at 310 knots, and can fly from just about anywhere to anywhere in the United States, non-stop? Meet the new Comp Air 12, all carbon composite, single-engine, turboprop aircraft from Comp Air Aviation.

Keep in mind that most light jets and sporty propjets, although nice to look at, offer small cabins and short leg space. Not the limitations you need if you are talking owner/flown flexibility, Fortune 500 corporate missions or air taxi service. The Comp Air 12 can play all those positions without compromise, saving tons of fuel and maintenance dollars over any close-to-comparable aircraft. 



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