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Common Questions About Comp Air Turbine Airplanes.

  1. What Can I Expect to Spend as a "Finished Cost" on a Comp Air 7 Turbine with a Walter Engine?
  2. Can the Walter Engine Be Used in the Tricycle Gear Version of the Comp Air 7?
  3. Would the Comp Air 10XL Turbine be suitable for use as a skydiving jump plane?

Common Questions About Piston-Powered Comp Air Planes

  1. How much fuel capacity can be built into the wings of a Comp Air kit-built airplane?
  2. Please explain the $10,000 price difference between the Comp Air 6 and the piston-version Comp Air 7, since both airplanes have the same size fuselage.
  3. What is the difference between the deluxe widebody Comp Air 6 and the regular Comp Air 7?
  4. Please provide performance data (speeds, climb rates, fuel/range, etc.) for the Comp Monster and the Comp Air 6.
  5. Please provide specifications for empty weight, gross weight, airplane dimensions, etc.
  6. Do you have any specs for the Comp Air 6 with tapered wing and 300 hp options. Indicated top and cruise airspeeds plus useful payload?


Common Questions About Turbine Engines

  1. "Where can I find detailed specific information about the Walter turboprop engines?"

Common Questions About Piston Engines

  1. Where can I get information on the available engines and their respective performance statistics?
  2. Is Comp Air. interested in testing the new *** engine?
  3. Do you offer "firewall-forward" packages for piston-powered models?


  1. Is tricycle gear available?
  2. Is the tricycle gear option available for the Comp Air 7?
  3. Are the "widebody", "taper wing", "bulkhead-free interior", and "wheelpant" options included as standard with the regular Comp Air 7 kit?
  4. Is the "fast-build" option included with the Comp Air 7 kit?
  5. Is the 'aerobatic option' the same as the 'carbon tail group option'? If not, what is included in the aerobatic option and what does it cost?
  6. What does the standard Comp Air 4 or 6 kit consist of, and what does the 'fast build option' accomplish?
  7. Your site says a 'deluxe interior option' is available. What is included in that option?
  8. Is there an option to install a 4th door on the Comp Air 7 or Comp Air 7?
  9. How does the bulkhead-free interior differ from the standard interior?
  10. Can the Comp Air 7, 8, or 10 be pressurized?


  1. Can I purchase 'sub-component' kits instead of buying the whole thing at once?
  2. Is it difficult to get insurance for aircraft equipped with Walter or other high-horsepower engines?


  1. Float installation on certified aircraft.
  2. Are water rudders available for SuperFloats?
  3. Please detail what comes in the SuperFloat installation kit and the SuperFloat trim kit.
  4. "Re. switch from wheels to floats."
  5. If you want to be able to convert to amphibious operations, do you build the aircraft as tailwheel or tricycle gear?
  6. I want to know if the floats for the Comp Air 7 can be removed and converted back to wheels when required? Is this a timely process?


  1. Company Contact Details
  2. How do you manage to provide such great performance, high useful loads, low construction times, etc. at such affordable prices?
  3. What else is planned for the next year?
  4. I see some PDF format files on your website available for download. Where can I download a FREE PDF file viewer?
  5. What would be the delivery time for a Comp Air kit, if I place an order today?
  6. How many planes are actually flying?
  7. How much does the Turbine Proficiency course cost?


  1. What is the 'build time' (in man-hours) of a Comp Air kit?
  2. What is a general time to complete a Comp Air 7 or 8 with the turbine option?
  3. Please discuss the skills and tools required to assemble a Comp Air kit-built airplane.
  4. What items are NOT included in the kit (i.e. must be purchased separately)?
  5. Does Comp Air have a factory-built or builder-assistance program to accelerate assembly time?
  6. Please advise if there is any factory personnel or engineer available to build the plane for me.
  7. I would like to complete the entire aircraft in a builders assist center, and then fly it home. What does the builders assist center program cost?

    see also: Assembly Photo Slideshow


  1. Is it possible to use Comp Air kit-built airplanes in overseas bush/mission type flying operations?
  2. Please advise if there is any factory personnel or engineer available to build the plane for me.
  3. Where can I find more information about the US rules and regulations pertaining to amateur-built experimental category aircraft?
  4. If I remember, there are restrictions as to where experimental aircraft can fly. Do you recall what they are? Also, can an experimental airplane be IFR certified, so that I can file a regular IFR flight plan?


  1. Will Comp Air be at the EAA Sun 'n Fun or Oshkosh (AirVenture) fly-ins, and can I get a demo flight at the show?
  2. I'll be visiting the EAA Sun 'n Fun fly-in. Where will I find Comp Air's booth?
  3. Is it possible to arrange a tour of the Comp Air facilities and a demonstration flight?
  4. Where can I see a finished airplane? I live in 'Timbuktu'.

Still can't find the answer to your question?
Telephone: 1-321-453-6641 or Email: Info@CompAirInc.com 

As you probably noticed during your visit to the web site, we manufacture a complete line of kits for a family of aircraft ranging in size from 2 to 11 seats, powered by engines from 65 to 650 hp, and cruising at speeds from 75 to about 275 mph. Somewhere in that line-up is an airplane that can probably be adapted to your requirements.

Our specialty is all-composite airplanes featuring big roomy cabins, with high useful loads, and excellent short field/off-airport takeoff/landing characteristics.

Congratulations on your decision to consider building your own airplane. If you haven't done so before, it is difficult to imagine the satisfaction that is possible from flying an airplane custom-built with our own hands. By assembling your own airplane, you will have an opportunity to create a unique flying machine that is ideally suited to meeting your own personal objectives and requirements. There is no better way to acquire a customized personal airplane that meets your own criteria, than to build it yourself.

Please consider the following items as you research your options:

  1. Do you have a preference regarding construction methods (i.e. tube and fabric, aluminum, composite, etc.)
  2. Do you have specific performance characteristics that are a priority for you? (takeoff/landing speeds/distance, cruise/climb performance, useful load, range, cabin size, number of seats, etc.)
  3. Do you have specific handling and design characteristics that are a priority for you? (tricycle vs. tailwheel, high vs. low-wing, roll rates, pitch/rudder responsiveness, stability vs. maneuverability, forward/side visibility out the windows, etc.).
  4. How much time and effort are you prepared to invest in the assembly of your airplane? Do you have experience and skills that would be helpful, or do you need extra assistance and guidance?
  5. How much money are you prepared to invest in your project?
  6. Do you have engine make/model preferences? Do you need a new engine, or are you willing to consider a used engine? If used, how used? What condition engine, size, horsepower, etc. interests you most?
  7. What "mission" do you have in mind for your airplane? Will it be flown primarily from paved runways, or do you need the ability to access off-airport and rough fields, float operations, etc.?

To assist you in determining whether any of our products may be adaptable to your criteria, you may find the Comp Air Video and Literature Packet helpful, may want to speak with a representative by telephone, or may even want to come to Florida for a couple days to check out the airplanes first-hand. Visitors are always welcome at our Merritt Island, Florida facilities.

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